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USPack and BrightDrop Collaborate on Electric Last-Mile Delivery

We have taken a giant step forward in our sustainability initiatives to use electric vehicles, when possible, to deliver final mile services. We are now offering BrightDrop’s all-electric delivery vans for more sustainable last-mile deliveries. Like USPack, we know that many of our current customers have sustainability commitments, and companies are looking for logistics partners that can help decarbonize their deliveries. As we look to the future of the supply chain, we are committed to partnering with our customers and drivers to be part of this initiative. This starts with learning and testing what is currently available for commercial delivery drivers.

This is an exciting step forward in our sustainability initiative for USPack. While most of our deliveries are still using gasoline-fueled vehicles, we’re proud to offer new technology, like BrightDrop’s EVs, to support the next generation of the supply chain. We’re excited to partner with our customers on these initiatives.