Adaptive Delivery
Driven Intelligence

All the Data,
All the Insights,
All on one Integrated Platform.

Comprehensive. Customizable.
Your Competitive Advantage

ADDI is the technology brain that powers USPack’s adaptive delivery solutions model.
Why adaptive? Because unlike legacy systems, we continually improve our platform to stay ahead of our clients’ last-mile needs.
With seamless data flow, valuable insights, and easy integrations, USPack’s technology gives you the power to
stay agile in the face of any challenge.

API Capabilities

Dynamic, data-rich, two-way communication can optimize your delivery functions to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and ultimately improve conversion rate.

Smart Routing

Extract the most value of out of each route and delivery. Whether it’s routed work or same-day STAT shipments, our system will always calculate the most optimal outcome for your business.


From address validation to bread-crumbing to real-time driver location accuracy and reporting, we’ve got your product’s journey in good hands every step of the way.

Customer Satisfaction

With mobile notification tools, choice of delivery window, and real-time tracking, your customers will have complete visibility and be left with a lasting positive impression of your brand.

Enterprise Schedule Planner

Get real-time views of inbound deliveries to arrange optimal staffing and schedules with forecasted arrival times which is specifically helpful to pickup-model industries or laboratory environments.

Fleet Analytics System

Make data-driven decisions to improve your business’s performance using our dual reporting interface which will ultimately save money, provide a better level of service, and operate more reliably.

How We Do It

Combined, our user-friendly software suite delivers actionable insights to minimize friction in the delivery process, get ahead of roadblocks, and save customers time and money. But it’s not enough to have data and not know what to do with it.
We simplify the process by giving each new partner a dedicated implementation team to get your account up and running. An assigned implementation manager makes all introductions across our partnership, including meeting with our IT team to walk you through our ADDI platform and set up integrations with your current systems.

What You Gain

Speed & Efficiency
Make faster, more informed business decisions with real-time insights into what’s happening on the ground— ensuring packages arrive on time or ahead of schedule.
Precision & Accuracy
Rest assured that real-time insights into the delivery lifecycle are precise, resulting from cutting-edge reporting, location accuracy, and forecasting capabilities.
Top-tier Customer Service
Deliver an excellent customer experience with mobile notification tools, choice of delivery window, and real-time tracking. Your customers get complete visibility into the process; you boost your brand image.

Tech-forward, Performance-driven Delivery

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ADDI Applications Across Industries

Same-Hour Final Mile Success:

Revving Up Delivery Engine for Aftermarket Auto

Omni-Channel Commerce Strategy:

Nailing Down Logistics for Major Home Improvement Retailer






Stay agile with USPack’s Adaptive Delivery Driven Intelligence

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