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6 Ways Sustainability Comes Naturally to USPack’s Commitment to Great Service

In today’s world, we recognize that our partners are taking a close look at their business’ environmental impact. A recent Harris Poll study commissioned by Google Cloud found that 66% of consumers seek out brands and products that prioritize sustainability, and 55% say they’re even willing to pay more for sustainability.

USPack’s last mile logistics services require resources—fuel, water, electricity, and facilities—to run smoothly. We strive to manage these resources responsibly. At USPack, we are committed to innovation—within our operations, practices, data-gathering capabilities, and policies. By constantly reviewing and refining, we’re able to better safeguard our planet’s natural resources.

 Here are 6 ways sustainability is naturally baked into USPack’s business practices and company culture:

Route Optimization

As a last mile logistics provider, route optimization is central to our quality service and cost-effectiveness. In 2021, we contracted with Omnitracs, the industry-leading route optimization solution, to guide our team of over 6,000 drivers. Through GPS tracking, we gather the real-time data we need to make informed decisions. By optimizing routes, we decrease the overall miles our vehicles need to cover to make deliveries and pick-ups—reducing emissions and fuel usage. It’s better for our partners’ budgets and the environment.

What’s more, our ethos of partnership means giving our clients access to these insights and key metrics within our proprietary Adaptive Delivery Driven Intelligence (ADDI) platform

Co-mingling Deliveries

By cross-utilizing drivers among our clients and co-mingling deliveries, we minimize the number of vehicles on the road, fuel consumption and auto emissions. With our granular data, we can pinpoint when two or more clients need packages delivered or picked-up around the same time within the same area so that one driver does the work of multiple ones without ever sacrificing quality.

“Don’t Print” Culture

If you’ve ever corresponded with someone from our team, you’ve likely noticed this message at the end of each email: Please consider the environment before printing this email message. It’s not just a gentle reminder to our colleagues, printing as sparingly as possible is a commitment we’ve made within our company to help conserve trees, water and other natural resources required for paper manufacturing.

Our “Don’t Print” culture extends far beyond email signatures. The vast majority of our document workflows are digital. Proposals, contracts, and all supporting materials are sent and signed electronically, and training for our contractors and employees is conducted online. Plus, 90% of our suppliers are paid electronically. 

Remote Workforce

In March 2020, like many other organizations, we adopted a remote work policy for non-warehouse staff, including central dispatch, to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Our productivity remained so high that this change became a permanent part of our corporate operating model.

With work from home a permanent part of our company culture for 50 percent of our staff of 650, we’ve drastically reduced our team’s commute miles. This change has also allowed us to downsize our headquarters, lowering our company’s electricity and water usage. 

Independent Contractors and Agents

Our drivers are a 100% sub-contracted fleet of agents and owner-operators. These are independent contractors (ICs) who use and maintain their vehicles. Rather than purchasing a large fleet of heavy, energy-guzzling vehicles, our customers get quality service from vehicles that are already on the road making deliveries.

And even though we don’t have jurisdiction over our drivers’ car maintenance practices, we strongly encourage and facilitate best practices in sustainability. We have established IC programs with environmentally-compliant auto retailers that enable drivers to receive a discount on new tires, parts, and oil changes and then dispose of waste safely.

Reverse Logistics

 We proudly work with our clients to support their disposal, refurbishment, and reuse initiatives, reducing needless waste that harms our environment. Through our reverse logistics plans, we seamlessly retrieve returned goods for clients and move them back to warehouses where they can be refurbished or repackaged. 

 As part of our white glove delivery and assembly service, we’re often contracted to dispose of the in-place items that are being replaced by products the customer has purchased. We ensure these items never end up in landfills. Instead, we turn these products over to used equipment resellers, or industrial recyclers who can repurpose individual components.

Stay supported in your sustainability initiatives with USPack

With 30 years of experience in the final mile sector, a team of experienced logistics advisors, and cutting-edge technology, we know what it takes to provide seamless, quality delivery experiences to your customers, every day. Sustainability is naturally baked into what we do, and we’re always looking for ways to support our clients in their initiatives. Contact us to find out how we can support both your ESG and customer service goals.

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