USPack + The Guild Foundation Pledge for Ukraine

USPack’s founder and Chairman of the Board, Peter Glazman is a Ukrainian American who immigrated to the US in 1979 with his wife and then 2-year-old daughter. When news of the war broke last spring Peter knew he needed to help his country, family, and friends in Ukraine. In May 2022 he visited the Ukrainian / Poland border to help the refugee families as they fled Ukraine attempting to make a direct impact with both his time and money. After meeting with the Ukrainian consulate in Poland he spent most of his time in the town of Przemysl where the Polish government has set aside buildings for refugee families. Peter was devastated by what he saw at the Tesco Building; it was completely overwhelmed with people and in dire need of repairs.

After being back in the US, Peter and the USPack team met with local organizations to see where we can make the most direct impact to both the soldiers in Ukraine and to the refugees. We were immediately drawn to The Guild Foundation, a military focused and founded company. Their organization is making a direct impact to the military on the front lines and the refugees at the Tesco Building.

Through the pledge USPack has made to the Guild Foundation we have created a program which provides humanitarian relief to the region and we’re looking for additional support. If you join our pledge, your donation will make a direct impact in the following areas:

  1. Logistics System for Critical Supplies: The Guild Foundation has created a logistics system to procure and deliver critical aid and equipment to soldiers; delivering over 2,000 pounds of equipment per month.
  2. Education for Refugee Children: Hundreds of refugee children have been displaced from their homes and are living at the Ukraine House. We are working directly with their staff to create and provide resources for an education curriculum.
  3. Medical Assistance for Wounded Soldier: We have partnered with Crozier Hospital System, a local Philadelphia hospital and rehabilitation center to help Roman, a 23-year-old Ukrainian soldier who lost his limbs during an explosion. He’s now a double amputee and will receive prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation services.

This war is far from over and the people of Ukraine need our help. Our goal is to continue humanitarian efforts through helping soldiers, refugees, and patients. Join our pledge!

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