USPack Releases Three New Customer Portal Upgrades

USPack is proud to announce the release of three new features for our customer interface, ADDI Portal. ADDI (Adaptive Delivery Driven Intelligence) is USPack’s proprietary customer portal, featuring multiple modules for managing, monitoring, and measuring our customers’ final mile service relationship with USPack. 

With ADDI portal’s simple web-based login, customers have real-time access to key metrics and service functionalities that enhance business oversight and visibility, including:

  • Driver ETA tracking
  • Order entry
  • Multiple accounts viewing
  • Detailed order and route information
  • High-level trends measurement

Now, with the new upgrades, USPack customers have more flexibility and functionality than ever before.

Upgrade 1: New Order Entry Fields

When entering orders, customers can activate three new fields: 

  • Package Type
  • COD
  • Stop Notes

Upgrade 2: Ability to Require More Fields for Order Entry

The following fields on the Order Entry screen can now be made mandatory at the customer level:

  • Package Type
  • COD
  • Contact Name for stop 2
  • Phone Number for stop 2

Upgrade 3: More Manifest Printing Capabilities

A manifest can now be printed for each stop on the Tracking and Order History. The manifest will list piece-level details when available, and indicate whether pickup or delivery was completed for each piece. Along with the stop’s completion time, the manifest also displays the POD name and signature, if captured. The manifest can be used by USPack’s customers and even sent to customers’ customers as proof of a completed stop. 

Enhanced Technology and Services from the Final Mile Leader

USPack’s account management and IT teams are committed to working closely with our customers to gather feedback and continually improve our technology suite. With the industry’s most advanced systems, USPack can be counted on to provide the most dependable and cost-effective final mile services, ensuring packages arrive on-time, safely, and within budget.