Helping Partners Scale for Unprecedented Peak Delivery Season

Company’s Proprietary Capacity Management Technology and its Operational Excellence Enable Retailers to Scale Final-Mile Operations Based on Delivery Demand.

USPack, a national leader in the same-day, final-mile delivery and a NewSpring Holdings platform company, is enhancing its operational capabilities to help its large retail supply chain partners like The Home Depot, Wayfair, H&M and DHL prepare for an unprecedented holiday peak shipping season.  The company will nearly double its network capacity across all retail service lines to meet its customers’ needs due to the anticipated massive spike in volume.

“We’ve been adapting to a ‘new normal’ of higher volume across all retail service lines since March, driven by the COVID-induced shift to online shopping. Our year-over-year delivery volumes are consistently between 50-75% higher each month,” said Mark Glazman, CEO, USPack. “Our customers are telling us that in addition to this new, higher baseline, this year’s Q4 volume increase will even be much greater, is starting sooner, and likely will last much longer than prior years.” The company’s experience thus far aligns with market research. Deloitte recently forecasted that online holiday sales will grow 25-35% during the 2020 season, compared to 13.6% growth in 2019.

USPack is a key logistics partner for The Home Depot as well as many other recognized omnichannel commerce leaders.  The company has been working closely with these partners to pioneer programs that provide enhanced capacity for box truck and cargo van delivery. USPack is also a top provider of crossdock-based residential delivery of big and bulky products and recently launched USPHome, the company’s white-glove service providing appliance delivery and installation in several markets. To serve increased customer demand, USPack has expanded its delivery programs in several southeastern cities, ramped up capacity in major metro markets, and is offering dedicated spot capacity for parcel delivery in select markets.

USPack’s commitment to continued investment in its technology ecosystem has been a cornerstone to success for its partners, allowing them to make rapid data-driven decisions about their business and scale capacity to meet demand. “Without a doubt, putting our robust technology in the hands of leading retail companies and having daily visibility into operational performance and capacity opportunities has been the key to our success and has enabled us to adapt and grow with our customers,” said Glazman. “There’s no way we could be as agile and move as fast as we need to for today’s real-time delivery economy without this powerful combination.”  USPack’s Adaptive Delivery Driven Intelligence technology platform (“ADDI”) is a fully integrated suite of proprietary technology and third-party software that forms the underlying platform for its business.  Offering detailed performance analytics, real-time tracking, API-integrations and AI powered routing systems, ADDI allows customers to keep a pulse on their business and implement quick changes that arise from the ever-changing commerce landscape created by COVID-19 surges and seasonality.

via PRNewswire