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The 5 Essential Teams Your Logistics Provider Should Have

Ensuring the successful final mile delivery of your goods, at the level your customers expect, requires more than just trucks and drivers. Last mile providers that consistently live up to your standards for on-time, on-budget, and damage-free last mile delivery have an ecosystem of departments that work together to make sure every facet of logistics runs at its most efficient.

The most successful last mile delivery companies have a wide-ranging skill set and a 360° view of the entire logistics process. This holistic approach encompasses hands-on expertise, detailed education, and hard-earned experience. When it comes to evaluating your last mile provider, see how many of these departments yours can check off.  

Business Technology

Data capture and self-serve analytics for greater transparency

The world revolves around data, and in logistics, data is gold. Does your last mile provider capture important data on round trips, orders, ETAs for routed drivers and more—and do they provide you with easy access to these metrics? 

A leader in logistics data capture and self-service analytics, USPack’s Adaptive Delivery Driven Intelligence (ADDI) portal makes delivery status totally transparent with real-time access to your data—available whenever, and wherever you need it. Clients simply log into the portal to get data and analytics on all key performance metrics. What’s more, our ADDI platform is constantly being improved, based on our clients’ feedback, so that all the data and analytics you want is easy to read and at your fingertips. 

Business Analysts

Deciphering key data insights to suggest operations and service improvements

Raw data is just one part of the puzzle; interpreting that data for critical insights is where significant value-add comes in. An experienced logistics business analyst can understand the particulars of your business and industry, use your data to identify ways to optimize schedules and routes, and pinpoint ways to cut costs. Because of the significant insights they can bring, your provider’s business analysis department should become a natural extension of your organization, and be an active participant in contract discussions, as well as the quarterly and yearly review processes.

Business analysts at USPack bring in-depth logistics knowledge to provide specialized data analysis and reporting for better decision-making. With the support of our engineering team, our business analysts analyze client delivery data and contracts to uncover ways that make your last mile delivery more efficient and cost-effective.

Client Success Management 

Dedicated account managers for open collaboration

A last mile account manager who’s capable of understanding your customers’ challenges is powerful. As your dedicated resource and point of contact, your account manager should be proactive in leveraging the insights from your provider’s business analysts to solve problems and amplify customer service. And with intimate knowledge of your logistics provider’s programs, your account manager should ensure all tools are being used and optimized.

With USPack, your dedicated account manager is your personalized champion. With just one call, you tap into a central conduit of information and action. Your account manager synthesizes all the day-to-day information across all departments to craft a tailored action plan that solves your logistics challenges—and prevents them from recurring. With extraordinary attention to detail and thorough follow up, they ensure your brand ideals are seamlessly implemented, and look for ways to improve processes—because consistent collaboration delivers consistently better service.

Local, Regional, and National Operations

Operations staff for quality standards adherence

Operations teams for national logistics providers work from one of several terminals throughout the country. A strong operations team can dramatically propel efficiency. An ecosystem of dispatchers, operations coordinators, quality assurance supervisors, and terminal managers, an effective operations team communicates the most up-to-date information to drivers, works with vendors and independent contractors to meet all delivery requirements and standards, handles administrative duties like inventory and property management, and ensures smooth collaboration among warehouse departments.

USPack’s terminals are strategically located throughout the US and employ experts whose mission is to be an extension of your brand. We train our entire operations team to ensure our standards meet your standards, and to elevate service in each and every department—including our exclusive white-glove services for your high-priority and fragile goods. Exemplary brand alignment keeps the focus on, and the accolades coming to, you.

Sustainable Independent Contractor Driver Sourcing

Predictable and high-quality professional delivery coverage

In a tight labor market, being able to source and vet drivers and owner operators can strain your logistics solutions provider’s driver sourcing team. No matter how much visibility their sourcing team has into driver labor pools, their competitors’ sourcing departments are picking from that very same pool. That’s why manual, outdated sourcing processes won’t deliver the results your provider needs to ensure your customers get the experience they deserve.

With US Pack’s contracted driver sourcing process, backed by our proprietary technology, it takes just 8 days to bring a newly engaged independent contractor courier/driver or owner operator into our system, compared to the 20-day average by other last mile logistics solutions providers. Our contractor sourcing team leverages our technology-backed sourcing process to create a steady pipeline of drivers that can be dispatched with greater speed and reliability all through the year—including during the crucial peak season. Our team uses data analytics to measure the services provided by the driver against our customer’s SLA and service requests —data that, on your own, would be difficult to acquire. More data means greater peace of mind that your routes will be covered, and your customers properly serviced.

BONUS: Service Implementation Team

Ensuring seamless integration during the initial startup

The most critical time when working with a final mile delivery company such as USPack is the very beginning, when service is being implemented. An implementation team is crucial when working with a final mile delivery service because it ensures a smooth and efficient integration of delivery solutions into your existing operations. This team brings expertise in logistics and technology, allowing them to tailor strategies to meet specific business needs. They help minimize disruptions during the transition phase by providing thorough driver orientation and support to staff, ensuring everyone is up to speed with new processes. Additionally, an implementation team leverages data-driven insights to optimize route planning and operational efficiency, leading to improved delivery performance and customer satisfaction. Overall, having an implementation team in place results in a seamless transition, enhanced service quality, and cost savings, making them an invaluable asset in final mile delivery operations. USPack has a dedicated implementation team and puts boots on the ground in all our new service locations to make sure our final mile services run smoothly.

USPack works together to work for you

As a national final mile logistics provider distinguished by our highly collaborative teams, USPack brings a greater breadth of data, analytics, service, and quality to meet you and your customers’ expectations. Our experts work with your experts to align with your standards, and offer superior delivery experiences that remind customers why your brand is powerful.