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Next Stop ETA, Multiple Photos from Stops, and More New Features Added to ADDI Portal

Over the last few weeks, our IT team has been hard at work adding new features to ADDI Portal, our customer delivery interface. Many of these new feature requests have come at the request of our current customers! This is another example of USPack’s commitment to constant improvement and innovation.

1. Next Stop ETA Tracking

On orders with three or more stops, we are now displaying the name of the next stop along with the ETA. This gives operations managers a great snapshot of their driver pool and allows for fast and accurate decision-making.

2. Multiple Photos for Each Stop – see them, download them

Now customers can see multiple photos taken by the courier at each stop. Not only that, customers can download these photos. This provides great functionality for customers needing photos of multiple items at each stop as well as multiple photos of single items at stops as required.

3. Ability to edit the FAST templates on the Order Entry screen

Customers can make templates and now they can edit them! This will provide for even more speed and flexibility using the ADDI Portal.

4. Set Pickup or Delivery for Default Stops

When setting a default stop, the customers can now indicate if that stop should always be the pickup or the delivery.