Logistics Insights – October Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Each month we gather a handful of the most interesting articles from around the internet. We share them weekly on our company page, then all at once in Logistics Insights. Enjoy!

Today’s Post-Pandemic Parcel Delivery Marketplace // Supply Chain 24/7

Diversification in your last mile delivery options—there are more options other than UPS, FedEx and Amazon to available shippers. USPack offers deliver from store services providing hyperlocal deliveries from your store that is closer to your end consumer.

Postal Service announces holiday delivery preparations // Modern Shipper

USPS is preparing for increased parcel volume during holiday season by hiring additional 28,000 peak season employees and installing new package processing machines.

Healthcare Distributors Are the Answer // HAD

How do prescriptions get to the pharmacy counter? —thru distributors. How do they get from the pharmacy to the end customer, either by the customer themselves, or by using a last mile provider such as USPack. USPack has been in the final mile pharmacy industry for over 30 years.

Why inflation is the next pandemic for supply chains // Fast Company

Understanding the complexity of inflation impacts on the supply chain. Inflation effects every aspect of the supply chain, from the cost of manufacturing to every aspect of transportation to the final consumer.

A Flock of Black Swans: Planning Ahead Despite Constant Change // SDC Executive

“The Only Constant in Life is Change”~ Heraclitus. As a time reference, many people use pre-pandemic vs post-pandemic, how have your supply chain and logistics practices changed? Do you foresee the changes staying or ever-evolving going forward?

Last mile carrier plans to launch franchise delivery model in 50 markets // Supply Chain Drive

Amazon and FedEx both use it – franchise model for their last mile deliveries. It’s not a new model. It provides scalability and flexibility—much like USPack provides.

Retail Trends That Will Affect Last-Mile Delivery // Forbes

Six retail trends that impact the last mile delivery.

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