Logistics Insights – November Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Peak season is here but so is an international supply chain bottleneck. Our October internet finds were centered on overcoming supply chain challenges to thrive during peak season 2021.

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Fortifying Supply Chains for the Next Crisis Goes Beyond Reshoring // SDCExec
3 items to consider besides reshoring to strengthen the supply chain.

Supply Chain Leaders Must Incorporate Regional Designs into Global Networks // MH&L
Regional network designs incorporated into a global supply chain provides agility.

‘We’re going to see a lot of bare shelves’: Retail preps for a holiday beset by supply chain pain // Supply Chain Drive
Retailers prepping for a painful supply chain for the holiday’s. Shop earlier than early!

U.S. ports face record backlog ahead of holiday shopping // CBSNews
Record backlogs at ports, shifting to new ports, retailers are going to extremes to get products on shelves.

Longer, larger retail peak season forces healthcare shippers to seek alternatives to parcel delivery // USPack
The supply chain crunch is coming for everyone. Labs, pharmacies, device manufacturers…

Bold Florida Move //
Is it time for shippers to transit the Panama Canal to be able to unload sooner vs waiting off the coast?

Final Mile Large Parcel Carriers Take on the Heavy Lifting of Peak Season // USPack
With 2021 peak season upon us, traditional parcel carriers are stretched thin.

10 Tips to Managing Inbound Transportation // Inbound Logistics
A great list to get your materials and goods ASAP.

Global supply chain issues remain front and center as economy tries to find its footing // Supply Chain 24/7
Unprecedented times is the understatement of the year from Covid lockdowns, to demand for final mile delivery, and supply chain delays, 2022 is fast becoming as unpredictable as 2021. Supply chain issues are front and center.

Providing a Better Last-Mile Delivery Experience During Peak Season // SDCExec
It’s not to late to update and make changes to your peak season plans to focus on the end consumer expectations.

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