Logistics Insights – November Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Each month we gather a handful of the most interesting articles from around the internet. We share them weekly on our company page, then all at once in Logistics Insights. Enjoy!

Gearing Up for Peak Season: Critical Last-Mile Delivery // Total Retail

Customer experience is a critical component to peak season success.

Autonomous Last Mile Delivery Market to Hit $3 Billion by 2030: Global Market Insights Inc. // Yahoo

Road safety is a growing concern as autonomous vehicles for last mile delivery is expected to reach $3 Billion by 2030.

Localized Inventory: The Final Mile Solution for Omni-Channel Retailers // USPack

What is inventory localization and why is it the key to an omni-channel shopping experience? How does final mile delivery enable maximum inventory optimization?

How Inflation Reduction Act Impacts Commercial Transportation Industry // SDC Executive

Read how alternative energy infrastructure impacts transportation.

Delivery execs from Kroger, Walmart, and Shein tell us their main priorities // Retail Brew

Read how Kroger, Walmart and Shein are using micro-fulfillment, deliver from stores and expansion of warehouses to strategically reduce their delivery times.

Inflation’s Effect on the Supply Chain: How to Reduce Last Mile Costs // USPack

By outsourcing all their final mile delivery, Peloton is expected to cut their total delivery costs by 50%. With inflation rising, outsourcing your final mile delivery is becoming more and more popular.

Peak parcel surcharges likely to stick despite slowing demand, carrier overcapacity // Modern Shipper

Although demand has slowed because of economic concerns (inflation, interest rates, etc.), parcel delivery surcharges for peak season will remain high.