Logistics Insights – May Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

We have curated our favorite and most interesting logistics articles from around the internet. April’s logistics discussion online centered around looking back at one year since the start of the new COVID economy and its implications on the entirety of the supply chain. From warehousing to the Suez Cannal, last-mile delivery expectations to healthcare logistics…supply chain logistics has been thrust into the future, as an essential business in every US state, making it one of the most dynamic and interesting industries in the US.

4 Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations Through Last-Mile Delivery – Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Aligning to your customer expectations is one way to help meet your customer’s needs of last-mile delivery of large, bulky items.

Back to Basics: Fundamentals for Supply Chain Digitization – Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Businesses need to build scalable digitalized supply chain processes before exploring other technologies to improve their operations functions.

Shippers assess impact to cargo as Ever Given is freed from Suez Canal – Supply Chain Drive

What impact will cargo traversing the Suez Canal have on the supply chain that is already in a jam?

6 charts show how a pandemic upended retail supply chains – Supply Chain Drive

A visual look back how retailers pivoted during 2020 from brick-and-mortar to online sales.

How Logistics Firms Are Handling the Pandemic’s E-Commerce Boom – Transport Topics

E-commerce sales is estimated to have increased 44% in 2020 over 2019. Agility is the name of the game when rapidly responding to the changing business environment.

COVID-19, One Year Later: Why the Healthcare Industry Needs Online Procurement in 2021 – Supply & Demand Chain Executive

While innovative procurement strategies may optimize unit cost, the healthcare supply chain also needs to assess transportation network optimization, especially in light of the growth in home based care.

Selecting the Best Warehouse and Distribution Solution – Supply Chain 247

Three key areas when searching for the right warehouse partner: flexibility, customer service, and inventory management.