Logistics Insights – May Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Outside The Box…

…that’s the required thinking for every carrier and shipper in 2022. There’s always lot of talk about “innovation” in the supply chain. But there’s really only one guaranteed innovation-driver in business, necessity.

This month’s best articles center around the idea of shippers and carriers digging deep into consumer trends to truly discover what customer need even if its not obvious. Along ports setting records for receiving even more business, while finding ways to decrease the number of ships waiting, logistics professionals continue to be part of the most dynamic and resilient part of the American economy.

DOT report examines efforts to alleviate nation’s supply chain woes // Logistics Management

DOT releases report on actions supply chains should take to perform well. Actions focus on transportation, production and sourcing.

3 Things Keeping Supply Chain Leaders Up At Night // Supply Chain 24/7

As a supply chain leader, what keeps you awake at night? Let us know in the comments below

For shippers, price still matters, but flexibility is gaining fast // Freight Waves

Diversification in your suppliers should also apply to your final mile providers. Pricing is important, but so is having flexibility, scalability and sustainability in your supply chain from start to finish.

Ports on Both Coasts Set Records in March // Transport Topics

Ports are setting records for processed containers in the first quarter of 2022. The number of vessels waiting to unload is declining. The challenge continues in moving product by trucks to destinations to keep up with the pace.

Certainty Over Speed: Manage Customer Delivery Expectations With Final Mile // USPack

In the last two years of challenging supply chain issues, many shippers and businesses have discovered that speed isn’t always the most important consideration in customer satisfaction.