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Logistics Insights – March Edition – Our Favorite Articles

In the world of supply chain logistics, what was once solely a physical proposition of moving product has evolved into a digital innovation race. Considering the impact of Covid-19, the subsequent economic recession, and changing consumer demands, logistics organizations are expected to raise the stakes and broaden their technology solutions in order to help their partners compete in this new economy.

Because the consumer landscape has changed so dramatically in the past year, we focused last month’s thought leadership round-up on technology and how technological advancement is impacting supply chain operations. Browse our curated articles to learn more:

SDC Executive – 2021: The Year of the Healthcare Supply Chain’s Digital Transformation

A great article discussing 5 ways in which the healthcare supply chain will modernize to digital.

Supply Chain Brain – Intelligence as a Service: Driving Efficiencies in Supply Networks

Organizing and using data metrics that promote efficiencies most companies did not previously consider for their supply chain.

Supply Chain Drive: 4 elements of the next phase of last-mile delivery

Making full use of every technology option that is currently available to move last-mile services into the retail landscape is said to be the next phase of the supply-chain evolution for retailers.

SDC Executive: What Shippers Should Consider When Looking For a Carrier This Winter

If you are looking for a new carrier partner, consider the carrier’s technology, sustainability, infrastructure and accountability.

Forbes: Top 10 Digital Ecosystem Trends In Supply Chain And Logistics

The valuation for the logistics industry is expected to double by 2023. Digital ecosystems are leading the way.

SDC Executive: Top 10 Predictions for Supply Chains in 2021

#2 on the list of 2021 Supply Chains Predictions— Micro-fulfillment channel opportunities will be utilized to build out the last mile.

Supply Chain 24/7: Third Party Logistics (3PL): More critical than ever

With the rise of ecommerce, the innovation and adaptability of last mile delivery organizations will be important to meet the needs and demands of consumers.

My Total Retail: The Key Trends Reshaping CX in a Post-COVID Era

Reshaping the customer experience Post Covid, even more retailers are adding BOPIS to service options.