Logistics Insights – June Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

After curating our favorite May logistics articles from around the internet, a clear theme started to emerge from many sources: supply chain pressures are coming from all angles. Increased volume from consumers, price inflation, continuing modernization and optimization.

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Transport Topics: Fed Sees Supply Chain Issues Growing Despite Better US Outlook

Supply chain shortages continue to mount, resulting in consumers paying more for products and transportation.

SDC Executive: What Big Box Retailers Can Do to “Correct” Inventory Fulfillment in 2021

Data sharing between you and your vendors is key to planning, optimizing and developing a more resilient fulfillment network.

Supply Chain Brain: Supply Chains Must Be Proactive and Reactive. Here’s How to Do Both.

Supply chains should be adaptable and scalable to be proactive and reactive as the delivery economy continues to expand.

Supply Chain 247: Creating Mutually Successful 3PL Partnerships through Systems Integration

USPack offers customer integrations within our ADDI Technology Stack providing data into our system and returning data into yours. A true extension of your systems.

Bloomberg Opinion: As Prices Rise Across Supply Chains, Will Inflation Come for You Too?

Supply chain costs are increasing and so is the cost to the consumer.

Supply Chain Drive: USPS invests in more parcel sorters, overflow facilities to prepare for peak

Hard to believe that 2021 peak season is approaching quickly. USPS has started its’ preparations already as the National Retail Federation expects 8% growth this year. Share with us what you are doing to prepare for your 2021 Peak Season.