Logistics Insights – June Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

One step ahead…

Shippers and carriers have already accepted the truth: the pre-2020 supply chain and domestic delivery ecosystems are a thing of the past. This month, some of our favorite articles from around the internet explore changes in technology and business strategy that reflect this new reality.

Supply chains are never returning to ‘normal’ // FreightWaves

Today’s supply chain is the new normal.

The 5 Essential Teams Your Logistics Provider Should Have // USPack

Logistics providers are composed of multiple teams with many different people and many different skill sets working together to make your final mile delivery a seamless interaction.

Lockdowns and supply chain disruption to accelerate Apple’s move away from China, with India a likely beneficiary, analysts say // Yahoo

Is the diversification of supply chain starting with Apple’s acceleration out of China? Will other manufacturers follow suit?

How using supply chain data can lead to better decision-making // Venture Beat

Using data to enhance your decision making—USPack ADDI provides real-time data on your final mile deliveries.

The Importance of Last-Mile Facilities in the Supply Chain // Supply Chain Brain

As much as times have changed, some things remain the same. The facilities used by your last mile delivery companies were important yesterday and even more so today to meet the speed expectation of consumers.

Transforming the automotive supply chain for the 21st century // Technology Review

Automakers are realizing how fragile the JIT model is and are now looking for new tech solutions to manage the supply chain to be more resilient.