Logistics Insights – July Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Our favorite logistics articles from around the internet this June – here it is! What was the theme for June in the world of logistics? From our perspective: optimization, inflation, and rising costs. The global supply chain challenges of COVID mixed with multiple macroeconomic factors in relation to the overall US economy have put pressure on business of all sizes around the country.

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S&P Global Market Intelligence: Supply chain inflation proves persistent with high freight, commodity costs

“The key drivers of demand, including elevated consumer durables demand and supporting industrial recovery, are still very much in place. ”

Transport Topics: Biden to Launch Task Force on Bottlenecks in Supply Chains

Shortages of raw materials, supply bottlenecks, and the dependency on overseas goods – will the task force help in all the areas?

Inbound Logistics Magazine: 10 Tips for Optimizing Your Transportation Network

When was the last time you optimized your network? It takes time, a true understanding of your customer needs, and the right data to analyze to make the optimal updates.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: 3 Ways the Stimulus is Likely to Impact Shipping and Logistics Industry

The Stimulus is expected to increase spending, investment in infrastructure, and drive innovation within the shipping and logistics industries.

Transport Topics: Transportation Companies Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is officially here. With 3 storms already named this year, are you prepared for what is expected to be an active season?

Supply Chain 247: Companies Need to Develop New Innovative Approaches to Supply Chain Design

“…Companies need new, innovative approaches to supply chain design that shifts the focus from cost-minimization toward value creation.”