Logistics Insights – July Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Each month we gather a handful of the most interesting articles from around the internet. We share them weekly on our company page, then all at once in Logistics Insights. Enjoy!

Editor’s Notes

This past month, the emphasis continued to be on innovations in logistics – from drone delivery, to cold chain logistics, logistics professionals continued to dazzle and seek efficiencies despite a looming recession and inflation.

Pharma Supply Chain Failure Is a $35 Billion Problem // Supply Chain Brain

Losing $35 billion annually in cold chain logistics, pharma industries need to re-evaluate and update procedures and strategies.

6 Advantages of a Final Mile Delivery Partner // USPack on LinkedIn

Final mile/last mile delivery is…the next retail market differentiator, the next frontier in at-home healthcare, the key to sustainable inventory management, the last impression on a customer, a goldmine of data insights…

Amazon Reveals First Locale to Receive Prime Air Drone Deliveries // Retail Touch Points

Drone deliveries coming to you. Amazon announced first location for Prime Air…Lockeford, California.

Direct to Customer vs Reaching Customer via DCs // Supply Chain 24/7

Brands are realizing D2C (direct to customer), instead of distributor to customer, is the ideal purchasing experience. USPack partners with brands to create custom cross dock and final mile delivery service plans that put a final cherry on top of a positive customer experience.

Ports get ‘much needed respite’ as container-ship traffic jam eases // Freightwaves

The calm before the storm, inflation or some other reasoning, ports container ships volumes awaiting docking have decreased.

Pandemic Spurred Change in Industry, Transportation Professionals Say // Transport Topics

Lessons learned during the pandemic have provided a roadmap for the supply chain to improve.