Logistics Insights – January Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

It’s 2022 and tension is in the air – the time for transformative innovation is here

Looking at the challenges of the 2021 economy and it’s challenges in labor, supply chain, and overall costs – businesses are identifying and innovating shortcomings in their logistics operations like never before. 

It was a busy December with the holidays washing over the logistics industry as retailers experiencing peaks and every other business in America feeling the effect and looking for solutions to meet their logistics KPIs. These are some of our favorite logistics-themed articles from around the internet.

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Supply Chain Bottlenecks Can Loosen With Open Communication // USPack

While it’s tempting for businesses to keep their supply chain challenges an internal matter, open communication with your final mile delivery partner and other shippers is the key to breaking bottlenecks in your supply chain.

Postal Service may lack resources to meet peak delivery needs— OIG report // Feight Waves

USPS is better prepared for peak season deliveries, but labor shortages may continue to be a bottleneck to get packages to their destination on time.

How Target And Walmart Are Closing The Ecommerce Gap With Amazon // Forbes

Closing the ecommerce gap—how Walmart and Target are using their brick-and-mortar stores as fulfillment and distribution centers. Final mile delivery is a key component of this retail initiative – USPack delivers from store for last mile deliveries, repositions inventory regionally, and builds a delivery network within an existing network for our large retail customers.

How Strategic Final Mile Outsourcing Can Boost Your Bottom Line // USPack

What every company wants: your own high-efficiency, high-speed, high-volume, operationally-flexible, seasonally-resilient final mile delivery service. Unless your name is Jeff Bezos, an outsourced final mile delivery partner is a great place to start and scale.