Logistics Insights – December Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

With peak season in full swing, what headlines dominated the news this November? Inflation, supply chain, rising prices – all realities of business, but 2021 is proving to be a once-in-a-lifetime crunch on the logistics industry and overall US economy.

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Fed Confronts Economy With Most Widespread Shortages Since 1970s // Supply Chain Brain

Federal Reserve officials were meeting last week to determine long term effects of today’s supply chain snarls on the economy.

Inflation Nation: Mitigating 2022 Shipping Rate Costs // USPack

Businesses are seeing rising costs across all their operational spending. But there are tactful ways of seeking savings going into 2022.

The Biggest Kink in America’s Supply Chain: Not Enough Truckers // New York Times

Shortage of 80,000+ truckers is biggest kink in supply chain and that number will continue to increase as more retire or leave the challenges of being on the road.

Video: Keeping Shipping Costs Down in 2022 – CRO, Dan Byrne // USPack

CRO Dan Byrne discusses the current inflation environment, how to navigate relationships with carriers to keep costs down, and where shipping and the supply chain are going in 2022.

Supply chain dislocation to last through ’22, transportation execs say // Freight Waves

Supply chain in disarray is expected to last through 2022.

Why are prices so high? Blame the supply chain – and that’s the reason inflation is here to stay // The Conversation

Inflation and supply chain, how they correlate.

Providing a Better Last-Mile Delivery Experience During Peak Season // SDCExec

It’s not to late to update and make changes to your peak season plans to focus on the end consumer expectations.