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Logistics Insights – December Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

After a wild few years that started with COVID, the logistics sector has seen an uncontrollable acceleration in innovation and revised operations practices. You could say that 5-10 years of delivery and supply chain maturation happened in only two. Now retailers are planning localized delivery schemes, they’re dumping inventory, and the supply chain is a focal point of all business earnings.

4 Ways Supply Chain Leaders Can Prepare for Cybersecurity Threats // SDCEXEC

Phishing, malware, password attacks and the list goes continues to grow. Our personal information is always potentially vulnerable, but so is the information in every organization. Hackers are getting more intricate in how they infiltrate systems, here are 4 ways to prepare for threats.

Why Final Mile Delivery is a Business Priority in 2023 // USPack

In an effort to combat economic uncertainty and supply chain issues, satisfy their customers’ evolving needs, and to continue to gain market share from competitors, businesses are actively looking for ways to implement flexible, cost-effective final mile solutions.

Why Retailers are Pushing Overstock Inventory into the Secondary Market // Supply Chain Brain

Too much stock inventory, discounts diluting brands—the push to secondary markets with excess inventory coming right before holiday season.

Supply Chain ‘Normal’ Appears on Horizon, With Sights Set on March // Bloomberg

Manufacturers are still feeling the pain of securing raw materials, yet progress has been made on the gridlock in ports. On the horizon—a new “normal’ come March? Is it possible?

Why Walmart Could Win Hyperlocal Delivery In The US // Forbes

Walmart may win the hyperlocal market with it’s vast brick and mortar footprint. Using stores as fulfillment centers keeps the product closer to the consumer making pickup and delivery quick.