Logistics Insights – August Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

This July we found interesting content from around the internet on furniture and home retail industry trends. And what we found were articles, digital magazines, and data studies that explore the rising profits of home retailers despite stagnant in-store sales. Which all points to…more online buying and more white glove delivery for consumers. However, with the increase demand for retail delivery, the common pain points of 2021 continue to linger – inflation and rising costs from all angles from multiple macroeconomic factors.

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Home Furnishings Business May/June Edition: Has the Business Model for the Traditional Furniture Retailer Changed Permanently?

The pandemic caused businesses to look more closely at their business models. Here is a look at how the traditional furniture retailer model changed.

Supply Chain Dive: Retailers leverage open calls to add diversity, sustainability to supply chains

Retailers put out open calls for more local vendors in attempt to bolster their supply chains.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: Finding Diamonds in the Rough of the Global Supply Chain

“A simple glance at recent annual reports and earnings statements often reveals more mentions of supply chain disruptions and logistics challenges than product or service innovations.”

Freight Waves: Shipper to Congress: Inflation ‘rampant’ through supply chain

Supply chain bottlenecks are direct cause to the rapid cost increase in transportation for goods and services.

Transport Topics: Fleets’ COVID-19 Safety Practices May Linger After Pandemic Ends

Safety measures put in place may continue long after the pandemic ends.

My Total Retail: NRF Forecasts Record Increases in 2021 Retail Sales. Are DCs Ready?

National Retail Federation expects sales to uptick $4.33 Trillion over 2020. Distribution centers are struggling today—how will the supply chain adapt to the increased volume, and supply chain shortages as the peak season preparation begins.

Supply Chain Drive: ‘Real pressure on supply chains’: How major players are balancing costs, speed and a new retail world

A whole new retail world, retailers show agility to adapt to the new normal.