Logistics Insights – April Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

The pandemic forced companies of all sizes and industries to adapt on the fly, and they continue to do so one year later, as online orders and shipping remain at peak-season levels well into 2021. Driven by changing consumer behavior, this rapid, and non-negotiable transition was likely a costly exercise for those who were not already prioritizing technology and innovation in their supply chain operations, or working with a logistics provider like USPack who was prepared to help customers.

Coronavirus helped speed the transition of commerce from traditional brick and mortar to online by about five years within the course of a year. And now retailers and manufacturers are challenged to integrate technology like Predictive Analytics, Automation and Autonomy through AI to keep up with rising demands that will likely persist in a post-Covid world. They also must focus on enhanced inventory management strategies, offering new service options like in-store and curbside pickup, and expanding the key function of a physical store into a partial fulfillment center.

Our March content round-up features various resources on how businesses can prepare themselves for these changes, the future of supply chain logistics, and which technology components will help them stay afloat.

Logistics Tech Outlook: Growing Role of Predictive Analytics in Logistics and Supply Chain

Predictive analytic tools allow businesses to make better operational decisions.

Supply Chain 24/7: Supply Chain Leaders Learn From Today’s Ecommerce Challenges to Provide Future Innovation and Growth

COVID-19 accelerated the shift to online shopping by about five years according to IBM’s US Retail Index. Now supply chains must mature faster than anticipated.

Logistics Tech Outlook: Enhance Logistics Network with Augmented Analytics

Real-time analytics provides operating teams with exception management furthering better oversight for planning on an almost immediate basis.

Total Retail: When Delivery Becomes the Store’s Business

The permanence of using brick and mortar store fronts as fulfillment for home delivery has sunk in for retailers.

Supply Chain 24/7: Dealing With Large-Scale Supply Chain Disruptions in 2021

Hindsight is 20/20; moving the supply chain forward in 2021 with reflection of 2020 lessons learned.

Beckers Hospital Review: 4 quick tips to increase the health of your supply chain and decrease costs

4 Tips to Increase the Health of your Supply Chain and Decrease Costs—including optimizing the number of same day deliveries. USPack has the ability to help review your current routes and provide optimization solutions to get the most of your deliveries.

Material Handling & Logistics News: Supply Chain Autonomy Will Be Driven by Gen Z Hyperautomation

Gen Z will drive the supply chain to autonomy.

Supply Chain Brain: Navigating Peak-Season Tailwinds: Four Trends to Watch

Four trends to watch in driving supply chain success in 2021: network design, shorter contracts, final mile/white glove solutions and economic recovery.

Material Handling & Logistics: Retail Will Grow Dramatically First Half of 2021

Significant retail growth is expected the first half of 2021. Retailers are importing to meet the demand—ports of entry saw a 13% increase year-over-year increase in January.