Logistics Insights – April Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Despite all of the worrying news (Russia-Ukraine War, Inflation, Fed Rate Increases, Rising CPI, etc.), logistics and operations professionals continue to innovate and get the job done.

Our favorite articles from around the internet last month all focused on unique logistics and supply chain innovations as well as the future of final mile delivery in the US.

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Four predictions for the future of brick and mortar in 2022 // Fast Company

The evolution of the retail brick and mortar continues, click to read 4 predictions on how retail will evolve in 2022.

Consumers Prefer Delivery Reliability Over Speed, Retail Report Finds // Supply Chain Brain

As a consumer, do you prefer reliable delivery or a speedy delivery?

5 Significant Trends Shaping Supply Chain Operations in 2022 and Beyond // SDC EXEC

Trends here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Brick and Mortar Retailers Are Making A Comeback // USPack

Never underestimate the ability of retailers to adapt and overcome. Brick and mortar retailers are leading an omnichannel revolution that will eventually sweep the entire retail landscape.

Solving Supply Chain Strain: Healthcare and Hospitals Can Use Tech to Help // Health Tech Magazine

Use technology to gain insights and to improve your supply chain challenges. USPack’s ADDI, Adaptive Delivery Driven Intelligence, provides real-time tracking, business intelligence and offers agile integration as part of our suite of final mile delivery services.

Adaptation Key to Waking Up From Supply Chain Nightmare // Wards Auto

Will the just-in-time model still be the tried-and-true method for organizations in the future, or what adaptations is your organization making to to their supply chain? Read how JIT hurt the auto industry.

Pharmacy Final Mile Delivery & Creating Flexible Logistical Efficiencies // USPack

Final mile delivery is a logistical strategy, operational asset, and customer retention tool that pharmacies should have in their business plans for 2022.

Hospitals Aren’t Investing Enough in the Supply Chain and They’re Paying the Price // Managed Healthcare Executive

Hospitals need to invest in their supply chain even more in 2022—here are four areas that are recommended for hospitals to look at to improve efficiencies.

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