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Insights Podcast: Christen Hilborn, Business Analyst, discusses talking tech with our customers

What is a common pain point for our customers and potential customers? 

Knowing the location of the courier. This is typically driven by our customers getting phone calls from their customer, asking when the courier is going to arrive. In the past, this has been a series of phone calls. One of the things we’ve done in our portal that we’ve developed is to start providing the ETA to next stop. They can look at route progress and they can see the ETA, and then using those pieces of information they can determine the estimated arrival time. This is something that we’ve built. We recently launched it within the last couple of months and it’s going very well so far. 

What’s the most frequently asked question about our technology offerings? 

“How do I get my same day and on demand orders into your system?” We do offer a couple of different options because we understand that each customer is unique. The simplest way is going to be through our portal that we’ve built – it’s designed to be very simple, very easy to use. Customers can control their setup, they can prepopulate fields and all these things let customers create orders in only a few simple steps. 

We do understand that some customers want to automate the process. So we can also build custom integrations. Our technology is very flexible so we can do basic integrations like Excel imports or more complex integrations – whatever the customer is looking for. 

How does our ADDI technology stack drive our daily business processes? 

We use it through all aspects of our business. We use it for dynamic routing, to drive handheld compliancefor customer visibility. Its in every piece of our business throughout the day. We are often looking into implementing new technology, and as we do that, we’re able to gather more and better quality data. And then we use that technology, that we developed, to turn that into information we use to manage our business and customers can use it to manage theirs as well. 

What’s going to be the big change in logistics technology in the next 5-10 years? 

I think we’re going to see a big change in driver dependencyI don’t mean driver dependency in the sense of how many drivers we have on the road, but rather us depending on drivers to take action in order to gather data. For example, arriving and departing today is a manual process for the drivers. You know, technology that allows us to auto arrive the drivers, so as that technology improves, I think will be less dependent on drivers to gather that information. Which means we’re going to have a whole lot more accurate data to use for running the business.