Happy Holidays from USPack – a message from CEO, Mark Glazman

To our valued USPack customers,

This year, the world faced an unprecedented situation due to the global pandemic that posed new challenges – both personally and professionally.  Adjusting to new work-from-home routines, managing remote schooling and prolonged social distancing measures, is something none of us could have anticipated a year ago. As an essential business, USPack has remained steadfast in providing uninterrupted service to our customers while prioritizing the health and safety of our employees, contractors, vendors and customers. Our immediate move to partial work from home and quick investments in PPE for our field workers strengthened our bonds with employees, partners and customers. The commitment to our collective health and safety fortified the organization from within and allowed us to thrive in this trying time.

Thanks to a continued investment in our platform and technological capabilities, we expanded route and driver capacity on the ground to meet unprecedented demand.  The surge in online ordering has redefined supply chain logistics and stretched its capabilities to new limits. But of course, nothing would be possible without our front-line workers and dedicated USPack employees whose tireless efforts allowed us to keep operating at this capacity.

While we are faced with a new set of extraordinary challenges, our commitment to continually optimize our network performance and technology capabilities is stronger than ever. The ongoing support, communication and collaboration we received from you throughout 2020 has enabled us to do what we do best – adapt and adjust to meet your needs and fulfill your expectations.  USPack thanks each of our customers, employees and families, agents and independent contractors for your commitment, partnership and unending support throughout the year.  We could not have done any of this without you.  We wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy 2021.


Mark Glazman
Chief Executive Officer
USPack Logistics