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CEO Mike Clark speaks on medical logistics in LogiMed interview [VIDEO]

CEO, Mike Clark recently attended LogiMed, an influential medical logistics conference, where he was a featured panelist. The topic of discussion was the unique nature of medical logistics and the importance of a reliable delivery partner for your patient care goals. After finishing his panel discussion he sat down for an impromptu interview at the USPack booth.


All of the challenges that go into any supply chain are exacerbated by being in the medical field because there’s an extra layer of protection that needs to go into it, an extra layer of expertise. So, it’s all the normal problems plus this. There are some regulatory issues that you need to deal with and then more importantly, you’ve got a patient on the other end. You’re not delivering a T-shirt. You’re delivering in some cases life-saving equipment or medicine. It makes the journey all that more important. 

I think you continue to see more and more medical logistics getting closer and closer to the end patient. What used to go to the hospital, then started going to clinics, now it’s actually ending up in patients’ homes and I think that trend is going to continue as more technology comes on board. And a more flexible supply chain is going to continue to happen within this industry. You have to be able to be extremely nimble. You have to be able to change very quickly in order to meet the patients’ demands and the reality of what’s going on in supply chains across the world.