How Consumer Trends Are Transforming Final Mile Delivery 

Customer expectations significantly shape the logistics industry, particularly in executing final mile delivery. Growing dependence on e-commerce drives the need for transparent, eco-friendly delivery options that reshape how businesses handle logistics and customer service.   Instant Gratification: Accelerating Delivery Speeds  Major e-commerce giants like Amazon have caused a notable change in customer habits: These companies highly […]

The 5 Essential Teams Your Logistics Provider Should Have

Ensuring the successful final mile delivery of your goods, at the level your customers expect, requires more than just trucks and drivers. Last mile providers that consistently live up to your standards for on-time, on-budget, and damage-free last mile delivery have an ecosystem of departments that work together to make sure every facet of logistics […]

6 Advantages of a Final Mile Delivery Partner

The final mile is a crucial step in a product’s journey. Even if the rest of your supply chain is organized and efficient, customers will remember whether or not their package arrived safely, on time, and in line with their expectations. In other words, final mile delivery is the most visible part of the process […]

What Do Major Hospital Centers and Retail Distribution Centers Have in Common?

When you think of a traditional retail distribution center, the image is vivid: a warehouse that’s stocked with inventory for a brief period before it’s sent out to retailers, wholesalers, or directly to consumers. Products include everything from clothing and furniture to consumer electronics. Close your eyes and imagine a major hospital system operating like […]

Technology Alone To Create A Final Mile Experience? Think Again

Increasingly, companies are attempting to solve their final mile problems, or even create final mile programs whole cloth, with plug-and-play software solutions. But it isn’t that easy. Using out-of-the-box or internally developed technology alone to provide real-time data, it’s just one piece of the complex puzzle that is optimizing the final mile. Can You Buy […]

Certainty Over Speed: Manage Customer Delivery Expectations With Final Mile

With the universal adoption of smartphones, the restrictions on in-person shopping during the pandemic, and the technology savvy consumer, e-commerce is experiencing an unprecedented boom over the last two years. However, opportunity also has its challenges: the increase in online shopping, coupled with a long-standing driver shortage due to recruitment challenges, is causing congestion and […]

3 Keys to Excellent White Glove Delivery Programs

White glove delivery is the ultimate high stakes brand experience. With multiple customer experience variables to juggle, here are 3 keys to providing a great service for both retailers and customers.

ADDI Portal Launch Podcast – Logistics Tech Discussion

Today we are with our Chief Information Officer Tim Ramsey and Business Analyst Christen Hilborn, and we’re going to be talking about the launch of our newest platform, the ADDI Portal. This is a great opportunity for me to be able to sit down and talk to them about the Portal, some of the great […]

USPack Launches New Delivery Portal for Customers

Retail, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Auto Customers Experience a Modernized Interface with Streamlined Functionality for Better Transparency and Data-Driven Decision-Making with the New ADDI Portal.