Building Relationships to Maximize ROI in Final Mile Logistics

Several important relationships are the key to successful business outcomes. Healthy employer-employee, cross-departmental, community, stakeholder, and vendor relationships keep company morale and ROI high. Customer service, a.k.a. building quality relationships with customers, is an important market differentiator, spurring high satisfaction and retention rates.  When people think of the final mile, they rightly focus on the […]

The 5 Essential Teams Your Logistics Provider Should Have

Ensuring the successful final mile delivery of your goods, at the level your customers expect, requires more than just trucks and drivers. Last mile providers that consistently live up to your standards for on-time, on-budget, and damage-free last mile delivery have an ecosystem of departments that work together to make sure every facet of logistics […]

6 Advantages of a Final Mile Delivery Partner

The final mile is a crucial step in a product’s journey. Even if the rest of your supply chain is organized and efficient, customers will remember whether or not their package arrived safely, on time, and in line with their expectations. In other words, final mile delivery is the most visible part of the process […]

Pharmacy Final Mile Delivery & Creating Flexible Logistical Efficiencies

Consumers and businesses depend on a robust medical supply chain for everything from vaccines to daily prescriptions. Manufacturing delays and product shortages have revealed glaring inefficiencies in the healthcare supply chain, all the way down to the final mile of the journey to the patient. When medications are most needed, delays and bottlenecks in the […]

Specialty Pharmacy & Final Mile Delivery: 4 Things to Consider

Just as specialty pharmacies are the experts in managing medicinal treatment plans and caring for patients with complex, rare, or critical illnesses, their final mile delivery providers must be experts in the unique challenges that accompany specialty medication handling and delivery. There’s a reason larger delivery companies like FedEx and UPS often don’t do specialty pharmacy deliveries. […]

Better Patient Care Outcomes Require the Right Final Mile Partner

The convenience and ubiquity of today’s digital commerce solutions has permanently lifted consumer expectations for all types of home deliveries—particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. A 2022 study published in the National Library of Medicine stated that home medication deliveries account for 25% of total pharmacy sales, but also cause 9% of errors like poor patient counseling and […]

What Do Major Hospital Centers and Retail Distribution Centers Have in Common?

When you think of a traditional retail distribution center, the image is vivid: a warehouse that’s stocked with inventory for a brief period before it’s sent out to retailers, wholesalers, or directly to consumers. Products include everything from clothing and furniture to consumer electronics. Close your eyes and imagine a major hospital system operating like […]

6 Ways Sustainability Comes Naturally to USPack’s Commitment to Great Service

In today’s world, we recognize that our partners are taking a close look at their business’ environmental impact. A recent Harris Poll study commissioned by Google Cloud found that 66% of consumers seek out brands and products that prioritize sustainability, and 55% say they’re even willing to pay more for sustainability. USPack’s last mile logistics services […]

Technology Alone To Create A Final Mile Experience? Think Again

Increasingly, companies are attempting to solve their final mile problems, or even create final mile programs whole cloth, with plug-and-play software solutions. But it isn’t that easy. Using out-of-the-box or internally developed technology alone to provide real-time data, it’s just one piece of the complex puzzle that is optimizing the final mile. Can You Buy […]

Going the Extra Distance: Final Mile Providers as Logistics Advisors

When it comes to end-customer satisfaction and service, final mile delivery is a critical and complex step in the supply chain. Often, final mile delivery can be the most expensive part of a brand’s supply chain—making up 41% of logistics costs. The combination of service expectations, operational complexity, and capital investment creates the need for precise […]

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