Retailers: Maximize Inventory Efficiency with Delivery from Store

For a long time, Amazon was the only “retailer” who could deliver goods in two days or less. Brick-and-mortar stores had to react to meet their customers’ rising expectations for speed and efficiency. This was particularly true during Covid, and still remains true as retailers strategize for 2024 and beyond.   This delivery from store model […]

Localized Inventory: The Final Mile Solution for Omni-Channel Retailers

Shoppers’ expectations for delivery speed and convenience are higher than ever. In 2021, Digital Commerce 360 reported that 68% of consumers said fast shipping motivates them to order online—and according to Shopify’s 2022 Future of Shipping and Logistics report, 58% expect free next-day delivery on orders.   Meanwhile, Raydiant’s 2022 State of Consumer Behavior report states that over 44% of consumers prefer shopping in […]

Building Relationships in Healthcare Logistics [VIDEO]

Bill Mohn and David Rouleau discuss building relationships with our healthcare customers (hospital systems, labs, pharmacies) as the key to providing great service. “You really have to come to the table with suggestions. That’s what they’re looking for from their logistics partner.” Bill Mohn:  It was amazing to me, very eye opening and probably to […]

Logistics Insights – December Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

After a wild few years that started with COVID, the logistics sector has seen an uncontrollable acceleration in innovation and revised operations practices. You could say that 5-10 years of delivery and supply chain maturation happened in only two. Now retailers are planning localized delivery schemes, they’re dumping inventory, and the supply chain is a […]

Why Final Mile Delivery is a Business Priority in 2023

With 2023 quickly approaching, major companies like Kroger and Walmart are moving final mile to the top of their priority list. Executives, Directors, and Managers are assessing their final mile needs and the important role logistics plays in supporting the bottom line.  All across the business landscape, leaders agree that now is the time to […]

Final Mile Large Parcel Carriers Take on the Heavy Lifting of Peak Season

It is no secret that the massive increase in the demand for parcel delivery has left traditional carriers strapped thin—leading to rising rates, surcharges, and volume caps. As the 2021 peak season commences, companies shipping large parcels will be affected the most by these penalties. Time is of the essence for retailers sending parcels this […]