How Consumer Trends Are Transforming Final Mile Delivery 

Customer expectations significantly shape the logistics industry, particularly in executing final mile delivery. Growing dependence on e-commerce drives the need for transparent, eco-friendly delivery options that reshape how businesses handle logistics and customer service.   Instant Gratification: Accelerating Delivery Speeds  Major e-commerce giants like Amazon have caused a notable change in customer habits: These companies highly […]

Building Relationships in Healthcare Logistics [VIDEO]

Bill Mohn and David Rouleau discuss building relationships with our healthcare customers (hospital systems, labs, pharmacies) as the key to providing great service. “You really have to come to the table with suggestions. That’s what they’re looking for from their logistics partner.” Bill Mohn:  It was amazing to me, very eye opening and probably to […]

Pharmacy Final Mile Delivery & Creating Flexible Logistical Efficiencies

Consumers and businesses depend on a robust medical supply chain for everything from vaccines to daily prescriptions. Manufacturing delays and product shortages have revealed glaring inefficiencies in the healthcare supply chain, all the way down to the final mile of the journey to the patient. When medications are most needed, delays and bottlenecks in the […]

USPack Launches USPack Healthcare and Unveils New Branding

Brand refresh reflects the company’s commitment to provide high-touch, tech-enabled final mile services to Healthcare, Retail, and Big & Bulky customers. USPack, a national leader in same-day, final-mile delivery solutions, and a NewSpring Holdings platform company, today unveils new branding and launches USPack Healthcare. These moves mark a significant milestone in USPack’s evolution and position […]

USPack and BrightDrop Collaborate on Electric Last-Mile Delivery

We have taken a giant step forward in our sustainability initiatives to use electric vehicles, when possible, to deliver final mile services. We are now offering BrightDrop’s all-electric delivery vans for more sustainable last-mile deliveries. Like USPack, we know that many of our current customers have sustainability commitments, and companies are looking for logistics partners […]

Logistics Insights – December Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

After a wild few years that started with COVID, the logistics sector has seen an uncontrollable acceleration in innovation and revised operations practices. You could say that 5-10 years of delivery and supply chain maturation happened in only two. Now retailers are planning localized delivery schemes, they’re dumping inventory, and the supply chain is a […]

Why Final Mile Delivery is a Business Priority in 2023

With 2023 quickly approaching, major companies like Kroger and Walmart are moving final mile to the top of their priority list. Executives, Directors, and Managers are assessing their final mile needs and the important role logistics plays in supporting the bottom line.  All across the business landscape, leaders agree that now is the time to […]

Logistics Insights – November Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Each month we gather a handful of the most interesting articles from around the internet. We share them weekly on our company page, then all at once in Logistics Insights. Enjoy! Gearing Up for Peak Season: Critical Last-Mile Delivery // Total Retail Customer experience is a critical component to peak season success. Autonomous Last Mile Delivery […]

Inflation’s Effect on the Supply Chain: How to Reduce Last Mile Costs

We’ve all experienced the negative impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain. Now, the supply chain faces a new enemy: inflation. According to a recent McKinsey survey, senior business leaders now consider inflation an even bigger threat to growth than the COVID-19 pandemic. Last mile logistics are both a critical part of your supply chain and a notable […]

Logistics Insights – October Edition – The Best Logistics Articles

Each month we gather a handful of the most interesting articles from around the internet. We share them weekly on our company page, then all at once in Logistics Insights. Enjoy! Today’s Post-Pandemic Parcel Delivery Marketplace // Supply Chain 24/7 Diversification in your last mile delivery options—there are more options other than UPS, FedEx and Amazon […]