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USPack Launches 160+ Routes Across Multiple States In 16 Days for Major Financial Banking Institution

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When one of the top financial institutions in the US learned their long-time final mile logistics provider was ceasing operations in just a couple of weeks, their immediate thought was to call USPack.

Having recently worked with USPack and having a long-term relationship with one of USPack’s seasoned VP of Sales, the financial institution knew USPack had both the size and capability to take over all their existing vendor’s routes across five states without missing a beat. USPack instantly went all-hands-on-deck to fully cover the current courier routes. Not only did USPack ensure a flawless transition within just a couple of weeks, we also found ways to optimize routes, save costs, and deliver more value overall.

“USPack showed exceptional professionalism and organization throughout the transition”


When the financial institution’s previous long-time final mile provider gave notice they were ceasing all operations in 2 weeks, it sent alarm bells throughout the bank. They needed to find another last mile provider that could instantly step in to handle pickup and delivery of their lock box banking and other time- and content-sensitive mail.

The new logistics provider would need to:

  • Cover five states encompassing nearly 160+ routes that ran between local post offices and nearby bank branches.
  • Have a fleet of experienced drivers to handle the immense volume of mail per post office, which could often number in the thousands of pieces.
  • Be up and running within just two weeks to avoid any interruption in service.


Recognizing the urgency and importance of this request, USPack’s sales team immediately went to work connecting members across USPack who would be vital to the success of this transition, including our:

  • Logistics and operations teams, each staffed by regional, area, and operations directors and operators with 20-40 years of experience in their respective fields.
  • Implementation directors who are intimately familiar with efficient driver sourcing and onboarding processes.

Thanks to USPack’s decades as a final mile logistics provider and our deep industry-wide network, we already had a positive relationship with the bank’s exiting vendor. They, like us, had this client’s best interests at heart and they readily shared the names and contact information for the drivers assigned to this account. USPack’s strong industry reputation was key in bringing on about 90% of the exiting vendor’s drivers—professionals who intimately knew the routes and people at each stop. To handle this sudden, large influx of drivers, our implementation team worked in unison with our billing and accounting departments to quickly onboard all drivers and handle all agreements.

With our data-driven routing technology, USPack was able to further reduce the number of routes by identifying and eliminating routing inconsistencies, decreasing the number of routes by 24% and minimizing vehicle time on the road.

On the topic of technology, while the previous last mile provider offered drivers scanning technology for scanning parcels at pickup and delivery, their software was nowhere near as robust as USPack’s, nor was their tracking policy consistently enforced. Case in point, drivers would often manually write “proof of delivery” confirmations on slips of paper, which were prone to errors and misplacement and weren’t input into a centralized database.

As part of our best practices, USPack equipped the drivers with a more advanced scanning technology to scan parcel barcodes and upload time- and geo-stamped photos to our secure client portal at each pickup and delivery point. Logistics data supplied by this state-of-the-art chain of custody technology is readily accessible by the institution’s team, serving as a layer of defense against manual mistakes. In leveraging our technology to improve on their previous vendor’s pickup and delivery processes, we delivered more value to this partnership.


The financial institution was bowled over by USPack’s speed, professionalism, agility, and teamwork. What would take other last mile logistics providers at least 30 days to implement took USPack just half that time. Critical gaps and errors that risked interrupting the transition were barely an issue, leaving the client breathing a huge sigh of relief.

What’s more, having real-time data on the institution’s every pickup and delivery enables USPack to constantly track quality control. Now, with USPack, the institution gets peace of mind that its mail goes to the correct branch accurately and on time, all while saving more money through our process improvements. Going forward, our team is continually looking out for new ways to improve service even more, identify more cost savings, and further expand upon our strong relationship.

USPack tracks our service implementation performance and asks for direct feedback from our customers. This particular customer rated us a 4.8/5 and had this to say about the transition:

 “US Pack showed exceptional professionalism and organization throughout the transition, while only identifying, what I would call, minor route inconsistencies. The US Pack team quickly addressed these and I’m happy to say, we’ve experienced minimal to no negative reports from our lines of business’s dependent on these services.”

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