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Supporting a Retailer’s Reservicing Process to Drive Sustainability

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Our customer is a leading online marketplace for open box deals on home goods and decor. With a unique sustainability focus, the customer resells returned or overstocked products from major retailers like Wayfair, Walmart, and Overstock. Their multi-step process involves inspecting, conditioning, repackaging, and storing every inbound item.

But in order to scale to meet the aggressive demand for their items, the customer needed a partner that was flexible and could fit their business plan. They found their value-add partner in USPack; we made it our mission to help power their growth and designed a service plan around all their needs, including their expansion from digital-only to brick-and-mortar.

Today, our customer leverages USPack’s logistics knowledge, manpower, and storage space to offer more customers faster, higher-quality deliveries whether shopping online or in-store.

USPack’s full-suite inbound processing service enables our retail customer to process more products faster, while maintaining warehouse staffing levels and storage space.


The customer’s business structure is designed around sustainability: each good resold is one less item in a landfill. To ensure each returned or overstocked item is resold for the right price, the retailer follows a comprehensive reservicing process of:

  • Inspections
  • Condition rating
  • Photographing
  • Repackaging
  • Storage

Once this process is complete, item information is uploaded to the customer’s inventory platform and web marketplace

But without ample manpower and storage space— they can receive 400+ items a day—executing their reservicing process was proving too labor-intensive and costly at the scale they need, especially if they want to meet ambitious growth goals. Their team needed a partner with deep experience, multi-discipline expertise, extensive capabilities, and the flexibility to fit their business plan.


Clearly, this was a unique proposition for any logistics provider, and many shied away, but not USPack. We welcomed the opportunity to flex all our delivery, warehousing, and technology muscle—and we embraced The customer’s sustainability mindset, which aligns with our own ESG ethos.

We launched our partnership by embedding our logistics experts with our customer’s teams to understand their inbound returns process. Fully immersed, we trained our warehouse staff on how to inspect items for damages and missing parts, and information from our ADDI Portal (USPack’s final mile tracking dashboard) to automatically condition, rate, and price goods.

Our warehouse staff is also responsible for photographing and uploading images, with price, SKU, and condition rating to the customer’s inventory system, which connects to their digital storefront. Finally, our teams rewrap and store products in a USPack warehouse until they are purchased.

USPack’s drivers can deliver items curbside or into a customer’s home, as well as assemble pieces and remove the item to be replaced (think couches and beds). Our drivers also make middlemile deliveries from USPack’s warehouses to retailer’s storefronts for in-store display and for customers that choose in-store pickup. We can even route our drivers to pick up items from the customer’s store locations for home delivery.


USPack was able to create a holistic delivery, pick up, warehousing, and inventory management service solution for the customer that met their specific company values and core operational demands. By utilizing our ADDI Portal (USPack’s final mile tracking dashboard), the retailer was able to create an omni-channel end-customer experience that gave real-time delivery visibility, which is essential for fostering life-long brand loyalists for their unique sustainability value proposition.

-Crystal Lubin, USPack Sales Director (LinkedIn)

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