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Reducing a Pharmacy’s Customer Call Costs with an Automated Solution

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A national pharmacy aligned with USPack to fulfill customer prescriptions. While USPack ensured that these life-saving packages were delivered on time and safely, there was an expensive pain point further upstream: dedicating financial and manpower resources to respond to customer inquiries about deliveries. High cost was chewing into margins, while lengthy response time was diminishing the customer experience.

When asked if we could help alleviate this issue, USPack applied our logistics, IT and customer care expertise. Within a few weeks, we devised and implemented a call center solution tailored to the pharmacy’s needs—resulting in 30% fewer calls and $500,000 annual call savings.


It’s natural that there’s a lot of anxiety for customers when it comes to having their prescriptions delivered. They want to make sure they arrive in time and that there are no glitches. This anxiety often manifests itself in calls to the pharmacy to track an order’s delivery status. When calls like these came into the pharmacy, their pharmacists were forced to leave customers on hold so they could contact USPack.

During one particularly challenging economic period, the pharmacy realized this approach was no longer sustainable; they needed a more effective way to manage a large number of delivery calls so
they could focus their pharmacists on high-value prescription fulfillment, insurance management, and HIPAA compliance measures.


With a trusted relationship already in place, USPack proposed an extension of our partnership that would remove delivery call servicing from the pharmacy. We started by looking at our customer’s recorded customer calls to uncover recurring delivery questions and issues. Armed with this information and dedicated software, USPack’s IT and Operations teams built and deployed an automated call center solution across 13 pharmacy locations—in just one week.

Here’s how the new system works: Customers call into the pharmacy’s interactive voice recognition (IVR) system. If they indicate that they have a delivery-related question, they’re seamlessly connected to an automated response line at USPack that is tied into our internal logistics infrastructure. Within mere seconds, callers receive up-to-the-minute information on everything from estimated delivery time to copayments due upon delivery.

Should customers need further information or have additional questions—such as requesting to change a scheduled delivery to a time when they will be home to sign for the package—they can speak to a professionallytrained customer-service representative (CSR). USPack’s call center is staffed by 125 CSRs, who are allocated based on call volume data and armed with templated scripts (also developed by USPack). Staffing can be quickly scaled based on the pharmacy’s shifting needs. The system also works bidirectionally: if the customer then needs to discuss non-delivery issues, our CSRs can connect them directly back to the pharmcy’s IVR for further assistance.

USPack also added an important and proactive layer to the system: a robo-dialer to inform the pharmacy’s customers the day before a scheduled delivery about parcel ETA and whether they owe a copayment. If a copayment is due with delivery, we brief our drivers so they know to collect the funds at dropoff. This crucial step—virtually unavailable through other last mile providers—means more completed deliveries, faster delivery times, and superior customer service.


By streamlining customer care touchpoints, USPack’s customer call center program enabled pharmacists to focus on their core competencies while eliminating the high cost for phone representatives and accompanying workspace.

Thrilled with the immediate and sizable results, the pharmacy expanded our partnership across all their locations, a process that was quick and easy thanks to our robust software integrations and reporting technology. All told, the pharmacy saved $500,000 annually by alleviating 30% of calls to the pharmacy, a transformative savings in an industry facing squeezed margins.

With its reduced logistics cost structure, digitally-enhanced capabilities, and differentiated customer experience, three years after launch the pharmcy was doing so well, it was acquired.

With a human touch for tailoring solutions to your customer care and last mile challenges, USPack always goes above and beyond for our customers – so you can serve your customers better. Our professionals are expert at analyzing end-to-end business logistics and identifying opportunities to innovate and add value to your offerings.

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