The 5 Essential Teams Your Logistics Provider Should Have

Ensuring the successful final mile delivery of your goods, at the level your customers expect, requires more than just trucks and drivers. Last mile providers that consistently live up to your standards for on-time, on-budget, and damage-free last mile delivery have an ecosystem of departments that work together to make sure every facet of logistics […]

Life Sciences Logistics: Precision & Speed for Critical Shipments [VIDEO]

What sets our life science customers apart? We handle some of the most critical shipments on the planet, from tissues and organs to cell and gene therapeutics, radiopharmaceuticals, clinical trials, and life-saving or life-extending medications. These require incredibly precise temperature control and tight delivery windows. Success hinges on punctuality, meticulous attention to detail, unwavering quality […]

Building Relationships in Healthcare Logistics [VIDEO]

Bill Mohn and David Rouleau discuss building relationships with our healthcare customers (hospital systems, labs, pharmacies) as the key to providing great service. “You really have to come to the table with suggestions. That’s what they’re looking for from their logistics partner.” Bill Mohn:  It was amazing to me, very eye opening and probably to […]

Pharmacy Final Mile Delivery & Creating Flexible Logistical Efficiencies

Consumers and businesses depend on a robust medical supply chain for everything from vaccines to daily prescriptions. Manufacturing delays and product shortages have revealed glaring inefficiencies in the healthcare supply chain, all the way down to the final mile of the journey to the patient. When medications are most needed, delays and bottlenecks in the […]

Retailers: Maximize Inventory Efficiency with Delivery from Store

For a long time, Amazon was the only “retailer” who could deliver goods in two days or less. Brick-and-mortar stores had to react to meet their customers’ rising expectations for speed and efficiency. This was particularly true during Covid, and still remains true as retailers strategize for 2024 and beyond.   This delivery from store model […]

Specialty Pharmacy & Final Mile Delivery: 4 Things to Consider

Just as specialty pharmacies are the experts in managing medicinal treatment plans and caring for patients with complex, rare, or critical illnesses, their final mile delivery providers must be experts in the unique challenges that accompany specialty medication handling and delivery. There’s a reason larger delivery companies like FedEx and UPS often don’t do specialty pharmacy deliveries. […]

USPack and BrightDrop Collaborate on Electric Last-Mile Delivery

We have taken a giant step forward in our sustainability initiatives to use electric vehicles, when possible, to deliver final mile services. We are now offering BrightDrop’s all-electric delivery vans for more sustainable last-mile deliveries. Like USPack, we know that many of our current customers have sustainability commitments, and companies are looking for logistics partners […]

Better Patient Care Outcomes Require the Right Final Mile Partner

The convenience and ubiquity of today’s digital commerce solutions has permanently lifted consumer expectations for all types of home deliveries—particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. A 2022 study published in the National Library of Medicine stated that home medication deliveries account for 25% of total pharmacy sales, but also cause 9% of errors like poor patient counseling and […]

Localized Inventory: The Final Mile Solution for Omni-Channel Retailers

Shoppers’ expectations for delivery speed and convenience are higher than ever. In 2021, Digital Commerce 360 reported that 68% of consumers said fast shipping motivates them to order online—and according to Shopify’s 2022 Future of Shipping and Logistics report, 58% expect free next-day delivery on orders.   Meanwhile, Raydiant’s 2022 State of Consumer Behavior report states that over 44% of consumers prefer shopping in […]

What Do Major Hospital Centers and Retail Distribution Centers Have in Common?

When you think of a traditional retail distribution center, the image is vivid: a warehouse that’s stocked with inventory for a brief period before it’s sent out to retailers, wholesalers, or directly to consumers. Products include everything from clothing and furniture to consumer electronics. Close your eyes and imagine a major hospital system operating like […]