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Retailers: Maximize Inventory Efficiency with Delivery from Store

For a long time, Amazon was the only “retailer” who could deliver goods in two days or less. Brick-and-mortar stores had to react to meet their customers’ rising expectations for speed and efficiency. This was particularly true during Covid, and still remains true as retailers strategize for 2024 and beyond.  

This delivery from store model is not a Covid relic—it’s a primary focus and investment opportunity for retailers in 2024. Leveraging local stores as distribution hubs allows for faster order fulfillment, paving the way for same-day or next-day delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. And by using existing store stock, the model also enables retailers to get the most return on their inventory investment, as well as minimize carrying costs and warehouse expenses.  

Using your local stores as final mile pickup points can help you fulfill orders faster, save on storage costs, cut delivery miles, and be more sustainable. But if you’re going to transition to store delivery, this isn’t just a minor tweak to your business—it calls for thoughtful changes. That’s where an experienced final mile carrier like USPack brings knowledge and creativity. Here’s how: 

Sweeps and postal infusion

The postal infusion, or Destination Delivery Unit services (DDU), model has gained significant traction over the last few years. However, only a few national logistics providers understand the full power of this hybrid private carrier-US Postal Service final mile delivery solution.   

With postal infusion, a retailer partners with a national small package logistics provider like DHL, ACI Logistix, or Pitney Bowes that has the operational manpower to quickly sort packages by zip code around the clock. USPack then works as an intermediary, using our fleet of independent drivers to take the zip-code sorted packages from the sorting facility to the corresponding post offices, typically within a 50-mile radius.  

By dropping off the bundles at the local post offices by 8am, packages are infused into the postal system, but at greater speed and a lot less cost (USPS discounts for both volume+pre-sorting). In fact, once at the post-office, packages can be delivered by postal workers the same or next day. Postal infusion is often a very attractive solution for retailers that tend to ship high volumes of products like clothes, automotive parts, vitamins, pet food, etc.  

Inventory repositioning

There’s nothing more frustrating to retailers than having an abundance of product at one store and being out-of-stock of the same item at a nearby location. USPack helps you avoid this costly mismatch in supply-and-demand.  

Our couriers can move inventory on-demand from stores with excess to those with dwindling supply. They can also take products from stores back to distribution centers for regional reallocation, moving items like bathing suits from the Northeast to the Sunbelt as summer fades. With more efficient inventory allocation, your stores are better equipped to maximize inventory turnover and shopper delight. 

Local Delivery

Our delivery-from-store solution empowers your business to make the shift from only operating as a storefront to an efficient omni-channel delivery model. If you already have a local delivery system in place, we can supplement your operations with optimized routing, real-time analytics, and inventory management.  

How does it work? USPack local couriers pick up goods from a store close to your customer and deliver locally—speeding up completion times, cutting storage and transportation costs, and reducing your carbon footprint. The benefits are multifold: faster delivery, greater savings, improved customer satisfaction, and better oversight into inventory. 

Kickstart 2024 with strategic last-mile solutions for retail

As retailers seek to amp up margins, strengthen customer loyalty, and gain a competitive edge, an investment in delivery- from -store can be a gamechanger. With the right last mile logistics provider, implementing change can be seamless and fast. 

USPack has over 30 years of experience offering high-quality and creative last mile delivery solutions to retailers across the US. From day one of your partnership with USPack, you get a dedicated account manager who assesses your business and works closely with you to tailor last-mile services that maximize your inventory ROI and professionally represent your brand. And with state-of-the art technology and analytics, USPack makes sure you’re informed at every turn.  

Deliver on every customer experience in 2024 and beyond. Contact us today.