The Unprecedented Impact of 2020 Volume Caps During Q4 for Script Customers

With peak holiday season approaching, industries of various types are preparing for the surge of shipping activity and the subsequent impact on delivery capability.  Each year, this increase in frequency and volume puts a strain on mainstream delivery carrier’s ability to maintain a dependable shipping timetable, but this year brings new challenges and pressure on an unknown scale due to COVID-19 and the unprecedented volume of mail resulting from the upcoming election. We can expect more restrictions and limitations to be placed on order volume as a result. One industry that stands to be greatly impacted by parcel volume caps during Q4 is pharmaceuticals.  Regardless of consumer activity or what’s happening in the world, ensuring that patients receive their proper medications in a timely manner remains essential. Finding the right partner to supplement delivery logistics during the crunch time of Q4 is paramount.

Healthcare delivery logistics has never been just about delivery.  It’s a matter of health and public safety, which is increasingly important in today’s world. Serving as a critical link in the healthcare field and supply chain, USPack has helped hundreds of thousands of pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and direct customers across the country get the right medicines to their correct destination at the right time. As we prepare for a longer and more disruptive shipping season ahead with parcel volume caps starting earlier and lasting longer, now is the time to consider a supplemental partner to help deliver with the precision, speed and accuracy that your customers have come to expect. Here are some of the top considerations when choosing a pharma logistics partner.


1. Consistency & reliability

With a proven national delivery network, we’re trusted by client’s coast to coast, handling nearly 10,000 time-sensitive pharmaceutical deliveries every day with flawless execution and unmatched customer experience. Whether it’s same day, routed or on-demand, our team is available around the clock, 365 days a year to help ensure delivery success for prescription medications.


2. Safety & Security

Our network of professionals is trained to meet HIPAA compliance procedures. We are also fully compliant with the DEA in order to properly handle and transport-controlled substances. Our own multi-step recruitment and on-boarding process means all of our drivers are trained and educated on proper and secure transport methods to allow our clients peace of mind when transporting sensitive materials. Additionally, USPack supports a temperature-controlled environment to maintain the integrity, efficacy and safety of prescription medications.


3. Accountability

Getting medication from point A to B is only part of the equation. Providing customers with complete transparency throughout the entire journey is a core competency of USPack.  Our custom-built, state-of-the-art technology suite delivers real-time visibility and accountability for all pickups and deliveries. Clients have access to an easy-to-interpret portal to see transport stats and real-time delivery notification.


4. Flexibility

Our national scope provides the flexibility to quickly scale with our clients’ changing business needs — allowing us to rapidly add new service locations and staff them with teams with deep pharmaceutical logistics expertise. Our service offering and supporting technology is adaptable to allow customers to quickly and seamlessly scale up or down and focus solely on meeting customer expectations and growing their business.


This year presents newfound challenges on an unpredictable scale and now is the time for specialty pharmacies to consider their contingency plan for the fourth quarter. With more than a quarter-century of pharma logistics experience, USPack has seen it all and we’ve evolved our offering to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. Partner with us in confidence