Ramping Up Medical Delivery to Fight COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, USPack can provide temporary and back up transportation services to ensure that your patients receive the critical care and support they need. Whether it’s STAT transport of COVID-19 specimens, specialty pharmacy and infusion medication, or residential Rx deliveries, we understand the need and the patient sensitivity required.

USPack has been in the medical transportation business for over 30 years, with a network of over 4,000 drivers.

• Time-sensitive medical lab specimen deliveries for hospitals, medical offices, and outpatient centers

• LTC and home infusion experts

• Same-day Rx home deliveries

• HIPAA and OSHA compliant fleet

• Real-time visibility for all pickups and deliveries


Please contact us today to learn how we can help you immediately in the fight to slow COVID-19.


Phone: 866-803-3499

Email: SupplyChainHelp@gouspack.com