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Leveraging Technology to Win this Holiday Shopping Season

The smell of pumpkin spice. The sound of jingle bells. For those in the logistics business, these hallmarks of the holidays mean one thing…  peak season is upon us. Last holiday season, U.S. customers purchased more than $123 billion worth of merchandise online and $874 billion in offline spending, a staggering total just shy of $1 trillion. With Thanksgiving falling later this year, peak season has dwindled from 5 weeks to less than 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The shorter shipping window coupled with predications of e-commerce sales growing 18% from last year put additional stress on an already maxed out supply chain.  (Source)


Source: Statista


Leveraging USPack’s technology suite, ADDI can enhance your operations during this critical time. Our adaptive delivery solutions are flexible and can integrate into your current systems.

1. Customer Experience:

Savvy customers turn to online shopping to find the best price. When products become commodities, you need to win on customer experience. Our real-time tracking functionality enables customers to see and track their package location on a smartphone app.


2. Dynamic Routing and Network Optimization

Your daily route plans require increased flexibility to meet customer demand for same day and next day deliveries. By mapping capacity to demand, customers save 10% on average when transforming their network from a dedicated model to a dynamic routing model.


3.  BI Reporting

Logistics runs on data. Gain visibility into driver compliance, operations and financial performance to make smarter business decisions through our user-friendly dashboard.


The holiday season is filled with tightening delivery timelines and surging consumer demand. Retailers must ensure that their logistics process leverages the right technology and expertise to succeed. At USPack, we’ve been providing retailers with smart delivery services for decades. Rooted in logistics and powered by technology, we drive efficiency and higher customer loyalty and satisfaction for our retail partners. Our solutions empower retailers to transform logistics into a business advantage.

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