How Technology is Driving Success In The Modern Delivery Economy

Now more than ever, logistics success lies at the intersection of technology and delivery.

At USPack, we have a proprietary technology platform that leverages cutting-edge capabilities and produces delivery insights that can be harnessed to improve processes, efficiency, and customer satisfaction across an entire enterprise. We call it ADDI, short for Adaptive Delivery Driven Intelligence, and it informs nearly everything we do.

Four key ways your business can leverage ADDI to drive logistics success:

1. Customer Experience:

Robust consumer-facing technology allows you to earn customer trust and build lasting relationships. With ADDI, you can provide customers with visibility into where their package is, who has it, how long they’ll have to wait for it and exactly when it will arrive.

2. Network Optimization:

Traffic delays, inventory shortages and driver availability are all trackable metrics that can provide valuable insights into the design of a delivery network. ADDI provides businesses with powerful insights that enable decision makers to optimize delivery routes using real-time traffic information.

3. Productivity Tracking:

If a driver is habitually late on deliveries, if one warehouse is regularly experiencing supply shortages, or if a specific geographic region presents delays or other challenges, logistics professionals must be able to account for this information and plan their operations accordingly. ADDI generates and shares insights throughout the supply chain to keep the fleet informed and operating efficiently.

4. Business Intelligence:

A business’ delivery offering has evolved beyond passive parcel transport into a powerful driver of enterprise value thanks in large part to new technology. ADDI enables a level of visibility into pattern recognition, customer engagement, and inventory management so that business leaders can align their delivery capabilities with their broader business goals.


When choosing a final-mile delivery partner, you must make sure they’re powered by a technology intelligence engine that elevates their delivery solutions above the pack. In doing so, your business can use delivery as a differentiator to drive higher customer satisfaction and business success.

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